Flexible Financing for your RigMaster Power Purchase

Leasing a RigMaster Power Generator is a sound business decision for a commercial truck operation. Conserve working capital while you enjoy the savings related to your purchase.

Assured Lease Corp. (For Canadian Financing) – Assured Lease Corp., has been providing Lease Financing for about 20 years. We provide sound financial solutions to businesses throughout Canada. A recognized leader in our industry Assured Lease has built a reputation for innovative lease financing solutions backed by trained lease professionals.

Click here to visit the Assured Lease Corp website, or call 604-536-5654.

AXIS CAPITAL INC. – AXIS Capital, Inc. is an independent commercial equipment leasing company that provides businesses with customized financing options. Axis works directly with equipment vendors and businesses to quickly and efficiently provide financing for all kinds of equipment.Their motto of “helping the businesses of today, grow tomorrow” is just what you can expect from them. AXIS will be your partner and will develop financing solutions for your business so you can be assured of nothing but growth!

Click here to download the AXIS application form now, or call 800-994-0016.

MAYO & ASSOCIATES LTD. (For Canadian Financing) – Leasing with Mayo allows you to acquire the equipment you need, rather than the equipment you can afford, without depleting your cash reserves. The Mayo rate-chart provides approximate lease payments, which are useful to access your payment options.

Visit the Mayo website to learn more, or call 888-825-7690.

LEASE CORP. AMERICA (For US Financing) – Lease Corporation of America has been providing specialized third-party APU leasing for owner-operators throughout the United States since 2001. As a direct funding source with a consistent history in financing thousands of truckers, LCA has the highest credit approval ratios in the industry with a wide range of affordable payment plans for RigMaster.

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Visit the LCA website to learn more, or call 800-800-8098.

QuickSpark Financial (For U.S. Financing) – QuickSpark Financial (formerly LeaseStation) was founded to combat the effects of the economic downturn and offer business owners of all types the ability to finance equipment at reasonable prices. This is accomplished through our one stop shop mentality and our use of technology to expedite the finance process. Our total financing solutions ensure the best rates possible for our customers regardless of their financial profile.

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Visit the QuickSpark Financial website to learn more, or call 800-770-8107.

logo CFF
Commercial Fleet Financing Inc. (For U.S. Financing) – We provide value to our customers through expertise, expectations, encouragement and of course low cost financing on trucks, trailers and equipment.

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Visit the CFF website to learn more, or call 972-247-8447.