Our History

As one of the first to enter the market, RigMaster’s unique product offering has become a crucial tool in the transportation industry today as it was then; saving fuel, saving money and saving the environment. Take a look at our history…


Fuel Price: $1.06 RigMaster began in 1993 to provide power solutions to various industries. Through strategic corporate partnerships and backed by 60 years of expertise in manufacturing custom-made generators, RigMaster began to develop a stand-alone, truck mounted auxiliary power system - then called a gen-set - capable of providing heating, air conditioning and 120V power, while the truck was parked without running the main engine.


Fuel Price: $1.10 In 1994, the first units were put to market. From the start, RigMaster was committed to the stand-alone design concept that has made it so popular today.


Fuel Price: $1.20 In March of 1997, RigMaster decided to test the U.S. market by exhibiting at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky and sold its first unit into the US where extreme climate variations make the RigMaster the ideal solution for the over-the-road market.


Fuel Price: $1.12 In August 1999, RigMaster commenced its associate partnership program with OOIDA, providing members with access to bulk purchase pricing through a rebate buyers program. A program that remains as a testament to its commitment to the owner/operators.


Fuel Price: $1.49 RigMaster's customer base was expanding across North America. RigMaster commenced on a corporate objective to build a North American Dealer Network to support its customers. In February 2000, RigMaster signed on its first Dealer to sell, install and service the RigMaster APU.


Fuel Price: $1.40 RigMaster received first major fleet purchase order. Over the next two years, RigMaster supplied nearly 300 APU's to TransAm Trucking. Since then, RigMaster has supplied APU's to over 100 fleets who see the value of reducing fuel expense.


Fuel Price: $1.51 RMI was started up as a RigMaster servicing company to support its fleet customers in the United States.


Fuel Price: $1.74 In 2004, RigMaster Power Corp. was founded. The continued growth of the company required a second facility to produce the ever growing numbers of units demanded by the market.


Fuel Price: $2.40 In November of 2005, the US company RigMaster Power Inc. was established while plans were underway for the US production facility and parts distribution center to service.


Fuel Price: $2.71 Sales Doubled. May 2006, RigMaster introduces its popular APU product powered with a Caterpillar CO.5 engine built and sold out of the new US facility plant.


Fuel Price: $2.71 In January of 2007, RigMaster grew its dealer network to 189 across North America, showing a 25% increase in dealers over the past and surpassing the total dealer network size of any other APU supplier in North America.


Fuel Price: $3.00 In 2008, RigMaster expanded their APU product offerings to include two distinct APU models - the original T4 model and the T4 model which utilizes a Tier 4A Engine and can be equipped with a DPF for '4 corners' North American compliance on 2007 or newer trucks.


Fuel Price: $2.47 RigMaster was acquired by Mobile Thermo Systems Inc. and Premm Metal Products Inc. Mobile Thermo Systems Inc. was RigMaster Power's largest Part Supplier so the company was ideally situated to quickly begin manufacturing complete APU's and all aftermarket products. In April 2009, RigMaster Power made engineering and design changes to the MTS-T4-6 Generator model to produce a higher quality APU. Some components that changed were: Sanden compressor, receiver drier, mounting plates, electrical wiring harness, generator, exhaust manifold, & many more components were improved.


Fuel Price: $2.99 The MTS-T4-V10 unit was introduced at the Toronto Truck World trade show. V10 unit is very unique in that it is designed to be mounted on the catwalk of trucks that are not able to fit an APU on the side of the truck’s frame. In October 2010, RigMaster develops a new APU model, the LG200, an inverter unit that does not have a generator. This unit uses a large output alternator to charge the truck’s batteries. This unit was designed to be very lightweight and compact to fit on the ever decreasing space on the side of the new trucks being produced. Official launch for the LG200 unit would happen in 2011 when it would be available to the public. Also in 2010, RigMaster Power donated 20 Generator sets for Haiti disaster relief valued at $120 USD.


Fuel Price: $3.85 Mobile Thermo Systems and Premm Metal Products amalgamated under RigMaster Power International Ltd., a Canadian Corporation, and appointed Mike Dolmaya as President of the company. This amalgamation would create a larger revenue to support the expansion in Europe and Australia. In March 2011, RigMaster supported Japan’s disaster relief fund with a $20,000 donation. In April 2011, RigMaster Power opened an R&D facility to develop an APU specifically for Indian Military programs. In June 2011, RigMaster officially released the MTS-T4-LG200 Inverter model to the public after extensive field testing. This "Less Generator" model comes with a large output alternator to charge the truck's batteries so the power actually comes from the truck's inverter. Very light and compact, the LG200 is a favorite of fleets.


Fuel Price: $3.97 RigMaster Power’s R &D department begins to develop a power pack APU with multi-function capabilities. This unit is suitable for those in the trucking industry requiring PTO (Power Take-Off) capabilities (for example: the demanding mining industry). This unit can be reconfigured with hydraulic pumps, air compressors, larger generators and many other options. Also in 2012, RigMaster head offices in Toronto, ON were remodeled, expanded, and additional warehouse space was acquired.


Fuel Price: $3.92 RigMaster Power launches a customized unit designed with multi-function capabilities. This customized unit was constructed to power a 24 volt system coupled with a cutting edge air compressor for the demanding Mining industry. Also in July 2013, RigMaster Power expanded its market to include Australia. At the Perth, Western Australia Truck Show, RigMaster Power debuted it's Australian version of the MTS-T4-LG200 unit. This specialized version features a smaller footprint than its North American counterpart; has more durable construction to handle the severe conditions of Australia; and was upgraded to include a new Dual Blower providing 24,000 btus of cooling capacity... tough enough to endure the sweltering Australian Outback!


Fuel Price: $3.89 RigMaster Power implements the Australian Outback air condition system (i.e. the Dual Blower which provides 24,000 btus of cooling capacity) on its LG200 model for the North American market. Also, a new sub-frame was developed, allowing the LG200 to be mounted on the catwalk for those trucks with not enough space to mount an APU on the side rail. In December 2014, a custom built "Generator Only" unit was created. This "GO" model is the MTS-T4-6 Generator model without heating or air conditioning for those in the trucking industry who just require the "power" of a RigMaster APU. Perfect for the Mining industry, Crane industry, and many other applications.


Fuel Price: $2.78 To accommodate the new Government regulations for 2015, RigMaster Power adds Kohler diesel engines to its lineup. This KDW702 10.5 hp, 2 cylinder, tier 4 final, Kohler engine provides a lower RPM speed with more horse power than RigMaster's previously-used engines. Some manufacturers had to de-rate their engines to meet the stringent 2015 EPA regulations but since RigMaster did not want to compromise performance, it was decided to add a new diesel engine that could meet the horse power requirements and RigMaster would continue to provide quality products to their Customers. In February 2015, RigMaster completely redesigns the MTS-T4-6 to accept the new Kohler engine. This upgraded Generator Model now includes the higher-quality Denso components, the Australian-Outback tested dual blower, and can come with or without heating to meet customer's individual requirements.