Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy RigMaster Power?
RigMaster Power is the only stand-alone self-contained auxiliary power unit on the market.
What is meant by stand-alone?
RigMaster Power does not share the truck’s coolant or Freon system; therefore a loss of coolant or freon will not affect your ability to operate your vehicle.
Does RigMaster Power have a generator or do I have to buy an inverter?
RigMaster Power has a 6,000 watt 120v generator. You do not need the extra expense of an inverter.
How much fuel does RigMaster Power use?
At full load, RigMaster Power uses 2/10 of a gallon (one litre) of fuel per hour.
What about power for RigMaster Power? Won't it 'kill' my batteries?
Just the opposite! While we do use the truck’s battery system to start RigMaster Power, it has it’s own 60 amp DC alternator to charge your batteries.
How will I get my main engine started in the morning? Do I also have to buy a diesel fired coolant heater?
RigMaster Power has its own 120v generator. Simply plug the power cord into your truck block heater receptacle.
What about noise?
RigMaster Power is extremely quiet. We have been told time and again by RigMaster Power owners that this is the quietest 2-cylinder generator set on the market. We’ve used the best sound-reducing material available. In addition, RigMaster’s dome-shaped front cover is designed to “seal-in” noise.