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Please be advised that all warranty work performed on the RigMaster Power APU must be completed by a trained RigMaster Dealer.

It is recommended that all installations also be performed by a RigMaster Dealer.

If you still wish to obtain a manual that is not found on our website please contact your RigMaster dealer or you may contact us at:

Local: 416-201-0040, x39
Toll-Free: 1-888-208-3101
Fax: 416-201-7532


Owners Manuals

If you still wish to obtain a manual that is not found on our website please contact your RigMaster dealer or RigMaster Power International.

> LG200 – All Models (with Kohler engines)
> LG200 – All Models (with Cat/Perkins engines)
> MTS-T4-6 – All Models (with Kohler engines) – Year 2015 to Present
> MTS T4-6 – Year 2008 to 2014
> RMP/RMC-14-6 – Year ’08 Model
> RMP/RMC-14-6 – Year ’07 Model
> RMP/RMC-14-6 – Years ’05 to ’06 Models
> RMP-104 – All Models
> RMP-P10-4 – All Models
> RMP-110 – All Models
> MTS-T4-LGN – All Models

Installation Manuals

*RigMaster Power International recommends that all installations be performed by a RigMaster Dealer. If installation is performed otherwise, the installation of the unit must be inspected by a RigMaster dealer within 30 days to validate warranty coverage.

> MTS-T4-6 and RMP 14-6
> LG 200 (inverter model, no generator)
> V-10 Installation Supplement guide (use with MTS-T4-6 installation manual)
> Installation Checklist (*Must be faxed to RigMaster: 416-201-7532)


Installation Guides for updated parts

NEW Analog Speed Sensor Upgrade Kits:
> RP7-106K: for all APU with Cat/Perkins engine (RMI-TSB-001-20180101)
> KT7-106K: for T4-6 Models with Kohler engine (RMI-TSB-002-20180101)
KL7-106K: for LG200 Models with Kohler engine (RMI-TSB-003-20180101)

NEW Sensors and Module Kits:
> NEW Dual Blower Control Module Kit (RMI-TSB-001-20170701)
> NEW Air restriction Sensor for All APU with Kohler engine (RMI-TSB-001-20161201)
> NEW Oil Level Sensor for all APU with Kohler engine (RMI-TSB-010-20170301)

NEW Generator Conversion Kits:

> Kohler – Markon to Linz Generator Conversion Kit (RMI-TSB-004-20180504)
> CAT/Perkins – Markon to Linz Generator Conversion Kit (RMI-TSB-008-20181217)

General Trouble Shooting / Diagnostics

> General Troubleshooting
> List of RigMaster Error Codes
> Power Module J connectors wire locations
> All Digital Speed Sensors – Function Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning system and all Engine cabinet Fan operation

> AC System Function and adding relay to clutch wire
All AC system and Fan Operation Diagrams
> Wiring Diagram for installing a Relay

Blower Wiring

> Blower wiring connections to harness

Generator Diagnostics

> Generator Failure Diagnostic Forms
> Markon Generator wiring – (Markon Generator)
> BL105e Generator manual from Cummins®

> Linz Generator wiring – (Linz Generator)
> E1C10S-G Generator manual from Linz®

Helpful Tips and info

> Quick service specifications sheet
> RigMaster coolant
> Tips to help your RigMaster live longer
> Cold weather performance
> Thermostat Relocation Kit Instructions

Perkins Engine

*Accurate diagnosis of any engine problems should be made by a Perkins/CAT dealer.

> Rear crank seal crank journal resurface kit
> Governor – description of engine internal throttle + springs

Older RigMasters – Before 2009

> RMP 110 electrical System
> 25 amp alternator overcharging relay
> 25 amp to 60 amp alternator upgrade information
> Adding a Coolant Temp sensor to older RigMasters + Condenser/Rad Fan Wiring up to 2010

Please contact RigMaster via Email,, for information on these topics:


For assistance with your parts orders, please contact your RigMaster dealer. For further assistance, contact the Parts Dept. at RigMaster Power International at:

Parts Lists

> RigMaster T4-6 and RMP’s – Parts by Model – 1995 to 2014
(For Generator model – mounted on side of frame rail between fuel tank and tire)

> T4-6 Parts Diagram – Inside View
> T4-6 Parts Diagram – Outside View

> T46K Parts Diagram – Inside View
> T46K Parts Diagram – Outside View

> LG200 Parts Diagram – Inside View
> LG200 Parts Diagram – Outside View (bottom electric fan)
> LG200 Parts Diagram – Outside View (side electric fan)

> LG200K Parts Diagram – Inside View
> LG200K Parts Diagram – Outside View

> V10 – Catwalk Model – Inside Diagram (Perkins/Caterpillar engines)
> V10 – Catwalk Model – Outside Diagram (Perkins/Caterpillar engines)

Dual blower HVAC box parts (since late 2013)
> Dual Blower HVAC Box – AC Only type
> Dual Blower HVAC Box – with Heat and AC type

Parts Cross-Reference Lists

> RMP/RMC and MTS models – 2008 & Newer
> RMP-14-6 & RMP-T4-6 – Year ’08 Models
> RMP-14-6 – Up to ’07
> RMP-110 & RMP-P10-4 – All Models
> RMP-10-40 – All Models

Parts Updates

> V10 Updated Fan and Shroud kit – Function Wiring
> V10 Updated Fan relay activation (wired same as LG200)

Parts News

> RP7-326 Relay Base connector sub harness
> Speed Sensor Module Kit LG7-104, RP7-107k
> RP9-003 (older V-belt compressor) replaced by RP9-128k


> RigMaster Power- APU Weight Exemption Certificate


RigMaster warranty repairs must be performed by a RigMaster Dealer. Visit a RigMaster Dealer to view the complete ‘RigMaster Warranty Policy Document’.

> Description of all warranties